Travel Inspiration

Travel and interiors are two of my greatest passions. So, naturally I like to combine the two. Whenever I travel I like to look at the world around me in great detail. What lifestyle do the locals live, what is the personality of the community around me, and most of all, how is that personality imprinted into the architecture and spaces I see before me.

Pattern & Texture

Texture always seems to draw me in first. I like to touch and feel my way around a market, with scents and colours also assisting me along the way. Growing up with a family business focused on rugs and carpets, you can imagine the elated nostalgic feeling I got entering a rug merchant’s stall in a Moroccan bazaar. The textures, sights and smells took me immediately back to my childhood, spending summer holidays building dens at the back of my parents’ warehouse with my brother. And so I take great pleasure in exploring markets, shops, bazaars, anywhere that sells home furnishings and interiors. Days exploring these will always be on the top of my ‘to do’ list.

In Peru, I fell in love with Alpaca wool; China showed me the beauty of great detail and colour, and when I think of Thailand, I think of gold and other metals, engraved to portray a story or lesson. I choose to absorb a culture through local towns and markets, and if possible, I like to see a native home. You learn so much about a culture once you get an insight into their way of life and the walls that surround them. I often enjoy wondering deep into a market, and I love the buzz you get from bartering with the locals. As a teenager, you would find my friends on the beach whilst I was exploring the local area, usually arriving back to my friends with random trinkets, usually jewellery boxes, and bracelets for all.

Bringing Inspiration Home

As previously mentioned, I find textures, scents and colours to be very important within my home. I like to take a little bit of each experience back with me, and whilst I am restrained by my tenancy agreement, I like to accessories my flat with items gathered during my adventures. Whether it is a beautifully crafted clay bowl, a fabulous woven blanket, or a gift from a friend obtained during their travels, I love to be surrounded by the world. Doing this in the small space I call my home seems to provide me with a window to the world, opening my four walls up and encouraging me to explore further. I see my home as a collection of happy memories, a diary built from beautiful belongings, allowing me to submerge myself in the magic of my favourite cultures, right here in London.