Capturing Inspiration Through Photography

In this second blog, I thought I’d look at the types of things that I capture through my camera and take my interest while I am out and about walking. I am always on the lookout for new design inspiration and usually while walking from A to B, I might find something visually interesting, that might be able to be related to design ideas.

I thought that I would share some of these past photographs I have taken recently that have helped to inform designs. By showing these, it helps to see the development from the first initial idea, along with influences that may come from artists and designers. It is a mix of both these inspirations that help me as a designer to create new work.

Inspiration From Shetland

Looking at some of the pictures that I took while I was in Shetland, these relate mainly to the everyday things that I passed.

A white rendered wall which was textured with lines I found particularly interesting as it combined a linear pattern which still looked like it was quite natural. The rocks down at the water edge were so lovely, and the water marks which had eroded the rocks makes it look like a really abstract check. Something I love the idea of! I really like the idea of natural textures and there seems to be a trend relating to these, which also relates to the wooden fence that I have a picture of.

Although it might just look like a wooden fence, to me the lines of the different sections of wood create a regimented linear pattern and the wood grain is a lovely natural texture layered on top.

Inspiration From Glasgow

Some of the pictures I took while walking around Glasgow, show that even an urban environment can be influential. The multi-story carpark can look a bit unsightly, but to me, the combination of thick textured panels and the white concrete supports relates to geometric patterns which I find relates really well to woven designs.

I find that both manmade and natural lines which may occur are just as interesting as each other.