I have a great number of inspirations, you only need to look at my 52 (yes, 52) Pinterest boards to see. It was whilst at college that I realised I wanted to work in surface pattern design, and could not wait to start my degree course soon after. And it was here that I was introduced to and fell in love with the 1950’s queen – Lucienne Day.

IMAGE 1Left to right: Olle Eksell, Lucienne Day, Ed Emberley.

I still take a lot from the 1950’s and I have since discovered other artists such as Olle Eksell, Ed Emberley and Charley Harper. But it is only over the past few months I have really started to hone in on my real, true style. There are plenty of prints and designs I like, but I now realise the ones that I LOVE and this is allowing me to concentrate on developing my own style by taking the elements I am drawn too and mixing them up, adding a bit of ‘me’ and seeing what we come out with.

IMAGE 2Clockwise from top left: Peter Donnelly, Angie Lewin, Peter Brown, Jane Ormes.

New artists like Ellen Giggenbach, Peter Brown, Jane Ormes, Peter Donnelly and Angie Lewin have also grabbed my attention and are not yet willing to let go…I just love seeing what new work they release!

My style has been described recently as ‘modern-retro’ and I always use a gorgeous palette, usually in bold colours. All homes should have colour, it shouldn’t be something to be scared of like people often are. Now I know what direction I want my designs to go in I am working on new ranges across a variety of themes, including more illustrative work to support my patterns.


Clockwise from top left: Amsterdam Houses, Geo Swirls, Streets of Morocco, Feathers.