Design Inspiration By Amy Gair

In my profile I have mentioned a couple of artists that inspire me, so I thought I would talk a little more about this here.

As I specialised in woven textiles at University, artists that base their work around geometric shapes and linear patterns or qualities became really interesting to me. They can almost be like woven samples and sometimes help to realise ideas for samples whether it be a pattern or an aesthetic that they possess.

Agnes Martins

The varying qualities of line in Agnes Martins work evoke a really modern feel, and I really like how some of her pieces build up layers of lines to create the overall artwork. These ones especially speak to me in terms of being related to woven fabrics. The grid pattern is a really simplistic check.

Images sourced from
1 – ‘Untitled, #10, 2002. Acryrlic and Graphite on canvas’
2 – ‘Untitled, 1962. Graphite on acquaint proof’
3 – ‘Untitled, 1961. Pencil on acquaint proof’

Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt also uses line to build up layers within his work, and I really like tonal range of grey which come across. These tonal pictures and building up of lines relates to the weaving process, especially when if you think about it in terms of the woven cloth, if broken down, each weft and warp thread are essentially ‘lines’ woven together.

His use of diagonal lines also relate to woven structures and the twill pattern which is used in traditional woven cloth, which is usually something which draws my eye to specific artists.

Images sourced from

1 – ‘Wall Drawing 19, Sept 1969.’
2 – ‘Wall Drawing 142, June 1972’
3 – ‘Wall Drawing 630, Jan 1990’


I enjoy the really clean and simplistic line which are seen in both Agnes Martin and Sol LeWitts work and line is often a starting point for my own ideas. I usually go out and take photographs in my surroundings which may have different linear patterns.

Guest blog post written by Amy Gair. Please visit her profile page to find out more about her textile designs.