My Brother and I…

My Brother and I have many similarities, a passion for interiors being but one. We enjoy similar sports, foods, and are both successful in ‘buying roles’ respectively. We grew up side by side for my first 16 years, and since leaving each other’s side, we’ve never been closer. Sadly, this does not ring true in a geographical sense. My life has seen me pulled toward the opportunities and adventures London beholds, whilst he has opted for a more country lifestyle, settling in a rural village with vast fields surrounding him. Whilst our exterior surroundings could not be more polar opposite, our passion for interiors is quality we strongly share.

Renting Vs Renovation

Whilst he has the luxury of owning, I have been sucked into the abyss that is London rental. As I’m flat hoping; he’s designing his dream kitchen, and planning ‘storage solutions’. Although some siblings may look on with envy in their eyes; I am excited about my brother’s new home, and enthusiastic about my current one. I’ve lived in old, new, cold, dark, and surprisingly bright apartments across London and several during my time in France. After years of ‘brightening’, ‘freshening’ and ‘sprucing’ my pads, I finally feel I have fine-tuned my ‘homing’ skills. My partner calls it nesting. I call it imprinting personality.

Discover my 5 Tips to help make rented accommodation feel like your own.

By Kirsty Tippett – Managing Director