Adriana Tavares

Designer Biography

Adriana Tavares Rugs focuses on bringing concept to creation.

Design Background:

I create bespoke hand tufted rugs and furnishings that embrace shape, colour and innovation.

I hand tuft rugs to create innovative, contemporary and refreshing surfaces. My core passion lies within the interactions between craft and education. I pursue this by running workshops, collaborating and drawing on traditional and contemporary craftsmanship methods.

When rug tufting I aim to push the boundaries of flooring and to create statement pieces to bring a space to life. I design from the moto that, if your feet can go on it, a rug can too.

Design Interests and Process:

As a craft practitioner and a very methodical person I follow a design process that goes from sitting and creating a drawings to hand tufting the finished product to the highest quality.

I often start off following a brief or I have an idea in my head that just needs to be put down on paper. So I pull out my sketching pad and my watercolours and let all the ideas, imagination and self-expression happen. I do not normally start my drawings with the end design in mind however this time I felt I knew what I wanted and I slightly worked backwards. I drew out my footstools designs but left the colours and design for the rugs until I was stood at the frame.

Rug tufting is a technique that is not taught in many universities around the country anymore. Even when university’s are privileged to have the equipment not many people choose to specialise as they do not see how they can ‘reinvent the rug’. I do not look at rug tufting as ‘making pretty designs on a rug’; instead I look at it like a drawing tool, a giant sketching pad! So as I went to rug tufting frame I looked at it and started drawing with the colours I had got inspiration from. I worked within shape guidelines to ensure that I was created the right size for the design and this meant I started to build on the structure.

2015 Design

Then the fun begins – I get to keep rethreading the rug-tufting gun with locally sourced yarns and working my way around the canvas by blending the colours. Once the rug is completed, I laytex the back to secure all the yarns, apply a backing and edging, shear the rug and then finally hand carve the edges to define the shapes.

I can’t express enough how much being a designer and maker brings me alive. As soon as I get the chance to bring a concept to creation I am freeing my inner creativity.

Adriana Tavares
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Since crafting Adriana Tavares Rugs I have managed to create a brand that not only reflects my personality but also my core passions. I am a brand that gives the customer or audience the chance to see the entire design process from start to finish and be apart of this process. It is so important that they are as much apart of this process as I am as the design process tells the story.