A Career In Art & Design

I have always had a true passion about Art and Design even from a young age, but it was not until I was studying for my GCSE’s I truly realised that I wanted to fully pursue something I loved so much as a career.

High School

I studied Art throughout my time at High School, which then lead me to go on to study an Art Foundation at the University of Glamorgan (now known as University of South Wales). During my time there I found myself constantly introducing patterns to my work, whether it was for Animation or even for Photography. With this in mind I decided to make the decision to focus on Textiles and Fashion for the rest of my time there.


I went on to studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where I focused on Textiles for Interiors and Fashion. Here is where I really grew as a designer and gained a full understanding of creating surface patterns and using different processes and techniques.

Throughout my time at University I really thrived off the media of print, where all my designs are created so that they are easily translated into a Silk Screen print or can be translated to create a linoleum print. I start by creating my designs from drawings, mainly taken from my own photographs of inspiration. I then draw by hand the details and manipulate to create working repeats using Photoshop or Illustrator. This then is an easy way to determine whether the design would be best suited digitally or hand printed.


My main inspiration comes from the love of travel and experiencing new cultures. I have recently launched a collection based on my time at California where I traveled along the Coast, experiencing some of the most beautiful sights along the way. I then took photos to extract small details, which I created surface patterns from. This collection was created all by hand using the process of Silk Screen printing.

As I designer I am completely inspired by the world around me, and my personal experiences. I feel as though my true creativity is formed and makes me extremely passionate about each design I produce.


Since leaving University I had exhibited in 2014’s New Designers, this then launched me into focusing on setting myself up as a designer and working freelance for other companies. My main concerns of the difficulties I fear I will face mainly focuses around making my clients happy. As a designer I want to produce designs that would meet every expectation but also project myself throughout them. I also feel as though financial worry would be an influencing factor, though I know these are things that every designer face. I know that if I were not going to face factors such as these then it would not be as rewarding and satisfactory when it will work out.