Giving the freshest talent in textile design a platform to launch their career, The Origin of Design is looking for their class of 2016.

At ‘The Origin Of Design’ we have one main objective; to find, work with and promote Britain’s newest design talent.

We work with talented designers at the start of their career in a partnership that helps them bring their concepts to life as part of a commercial range. We look to support and guide these bright new talents and assist them in launching a successful career in the industry.

Kirsty Tippett – Managing Director

Want to be a part of The Origin Of Design?

Constantly evolving, the design industry offers many paths for aspiring designers to take. Here at The Origin of Design, we are looking to expand our team and would like you to get in touch. If you are a, or know a, budding home furnishing/print/interiors designer, and would like to here more about what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Supporting New Talent

We run a support network for all of our design team, past, present and future. Whether it is a new designer looking to come on board and in need of advice, a current team member looking for inspiration or a member of our alumni looking to gain a reference or build a portfolio from the work they developed under our roof, we are here to provide a stepping-stone into a flourishing career.

As well as supporting our designers, The Origin Of Design are here to supply the industry with key, high quality, design led products that will brighten, inspire and enlighten the homes and spaces of those that desire to support British talent. We hope our consumers will enjoy the products for more than their aesthetics; each range has a personality, a story, a designer. Our products are the proud outcome of an idea, they offer those behind them a future. The Origin Of Design brings you Britain’s best.