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Calling All Budding British Textile Design Talent

Giving the freshest talent in textile design a platform to launch their career, The Origin of Design is looking for their class of 2016. At ‘The Origin Of Design’ we have one main objective; to find, work with and promote Britain’s newest design talent. We work with talented designers at the start of their career… Read more

5 Tips For Rented Spaces

Making a Rented Apartment Your Own I would like to dispel the myths that you can’t make a rented property feel homely. Using a few of the following tips, I hope those of you struggling to make a flat a home may easily be able to turn that pad into ‘your place’. Lighting Lighting matters. Think… Read more

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Furnish Your Home For Summer

Brighten Your Home Open the doors to your home, crack the windows, Spring is in the air and Summer is almost here. Time to shake off those long winter nights and prepare your living space for a bright summer. The best way to embrace the change in seasons is to adapt your surrounding to suit…. Read more

Travel and Interiors

Travel Inspiration Travel and interiors are two of my greatest passions. So, naturally I like to combine the two. Whenever I travel I like to look at the world around me in great detail. What lifestyle do the locals live, what is the personality of the community around me, and most of all, how is… Read more

An Introduction

My Brother and I… My Brother and I have many similarities, a passion for interiors being but one. We enjoy similar sports, foods, and are both successful in ‘buying roles’ respectively. We grew up side by side for my first 16 years, and since leaving each other’s side, we’ve never been closer. Sadly, this does… Read more

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