Making a Rented Apartment Your Own

I would like to dispel the myths that you can’t make a rented property feel homely. Using a few of the following tips, I hope those of you struggling to make a flat a home may easily be able to turn that pad into ‘your place’.


Livingroom LightingLighting matters. Think soft, dimly lit room, glass of wine, sofa. If you’re relaxed in your property, you’ll feel right at home. I like to use a mixture of lamps and candles to create that soft, warm light that is the best to relax in after a day in a brightly lit office.

Don’t hide your personality

Put personal items out on display. My partner and I love action sports. We met in the mountains and miss the snow throughout the year. Rather than hiding our beloved equipment away, we keep it out where we can see it. I also like to buy accessories for my home whilst I travel. These belongings not only remind us of good times but spill our personalities out into our living space.

Play with the layout

Think about the layout of your apartment. If you move into a furnished place, don’t leave everything where it was when you arrived. Try various layouts until you find one that suits you. Make your flat fit you, and it will soon become your home.

Work with what you have

Red KitchenWork with the features you may not favour, don’t fight trying to hide them. In my current flat, we have terrible red lino flooring in our kitchen. It’s old and ugly and almost put me off the flat altogether. Rather than try to cover it (I considered ripping it up and losing my deposit), I decided the easier option for peace of mind was to embrace it. So a red kettle, toaster and casserole dish were a must. Now I love my little kitchen, I feel like I took control of it rather than allowing it to be a real cause of disdain.

Get the scent right

Moving into rented property can often mean living in a place that smells unfamiliar. Everybody has experienced the smell of a friend’s house, and I can assure you your friends would say your home has a smell of its own too. Make sure that scent is not only pleasant, but also represents you, not the previous tenant. I like to use scented candles and reed diffusers, and tend to stick with White Jasmin or Elderflower scents. That way, even when I move, my new home smells like the last, meaning I get that memorable homely feeling right away.

Although I’m sadly now past this point, for any new fledglings leaving the nest for the first time; using the same brand washing powder as your dear parents can really help to settle you into a place. Nothing says home better than freshly washed bed sheets, smelling the way they should.